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Stancati Corporate Architecture is one of the pioneering offices working with corporate architecture in Brazil, with more than 1 million square meters in projects and no less than 300 clients along its trajectory.

Its daily inspiration is the incessant search for the “best solution per square meter” for each client, regardless of the size of the company.

Its quality is based on sustainability, ISO 9001/2000 standards and the PMI management system.

Under the leadership of Marco Antonio Stancati and Volmar Leal Stancati, its high-performance team works with architecture, engineering, design and management in both corporate and industrial projects.



Stancati Corporate Architecture offers:


Consultancy in Feasibility Study and Search of the ideal area


Management of Works and Projects – PMO

Architecture Projects

Corporate Architecture Projects
Commercial Architecture Projects
Industrial Architecture Projects
Interior Design Projects
Visual Art Projects


Our projects differ in terms of size, scope and programmatic elements.
But in all of them we include something in common: a respectful relationship with nature and with human communities.


We find solutions to build an innovative design that, at the same time, addresses the issues of sustainable growth, social and environmental responsibility.
Technical requirements regarding spatial quality are also always present, such as accesses, flows, future expansions and others.


Environmental responsibility, since protecting, conserving and preserving species is a responsibility of all.
When we start a project, we verify the presence of springs, fauna and flora, respecting all existing environmental laws.
Thus, our management of environmental projects explores the model of city that we hope to adopt, in order to influence the urban scenarios where we will live in the future.

The best option per square meter.


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